Cold Plate
Parma ham, Prosciutto, Salami Piccaude, Coppa ham, Fleischkäse
355 B 
Cheese Plate
Gouda cheese, Brie cheese, Danish blue cheese, Grana padano cheese
355 B


Pepper Marinated Salmon Roll
Filled with skagen mix
195 B
Toast Skagen
Prawns in dill mayonnaise served on toast topped with lumpfish roe
195 B

Shrimp cocktail
Served with thousand island sauce

325 B

Oysters 6 pieces
Served on a bed of ice and lemon

395 B
Garlic Bread with Tzatsiki Sauce 155 B
Marinated Pepper/Lime Salmon
Served with toasted bread and dill mustard sauce 
325 B

Two kinds of marinated herring, skagen mix, egg sour cream, onion, boiled potatoes with bread and butter

390 B
Cold Smoked Norwegian Samon
Served with parmesan cheese, capers and topped with pressed olive oil
345 B


 Greek Salad
Served with feta cheese and kalamato olives
395 B
 Caesar Salad
Served with grilled chicken, bacon, roasted tomato, parmesan cheese and roasted bread croutons
365 B
Buffalo Mozzarella
Served with tomatoes and cold pressed olive oil (Italy)
220 B


French onion soup
Au gratin with cheese and bread  
205 B

Creamy Lobster Soup
Served with toast

375 B


Classic Spaghetti Bolognese 330 B
Pasta Akvavit
Tagliatelle with pork fillet and shrimps in a creamy sauce with a touch of sweet chili and curry
385 B
Pasta Carbonara
Tagliatelle with bacon and onion, white wine in cream

365 B


Classic Hamburger (200g) Angus
Served with dressing, coleslaw, aioli, tomato, onion, cucumber and french fries
310 B
Akvavit Burger (200g) Angus
Served with bacon, dressing, coleslaw, aioli, tomato, onion, cucumber, cheddar cheese and french fries
330 B