Elephant Ear
IA very large and very thin beef with flavored butter and a light merlot sauce and french fries

395 B
Steak Louise
With a filling of Dijon mustard, onion and radish.
Served with a light red wine sauce and potato au gratin
435 B
Grilled Pork Fillet
Tenderloin fillet served with chanterelle mushroom sauce and french fries
390 B
Fillet Souté
Diced tenderloin with pepper, onion, chanterelle mushroom, red wine, cream and brandy, served with mashed potatos
435 B

Swedish Meatballs 
Served in a creamy gravy, mashed potato and lingonberries

355 B
Schnitzel Vienna
Served with red wine sauce and french fries
360 B
Schnitzel Scandinavia
Served with anchovies, capers, red wine sauce and french fries
395 B
Cordon Bleu
Served with red wine sauce and french fries
330 B
Pork Chop
Served with a creamy sauce, pickled cucumbers and fried potatoes
355 B
Fillet Mignon Black and White
Grilled beef and Pork fillet, roasted vegetable red wine sauce, béarnaise sauce and potato au gratin
520 B
Hickory Smoked Texas Spare Ribs
The chef's BBQ glazed ribs come with aioli sauce, coleslaw, corn on the cob and your choice of potatoes
510 B
Pepper Steak
Grilled beef fillet with a green pepper sauce flavoured with dark jamaican rum, with mixed stir fried vegetables and potato au gratin
595 B



Spaghetti Bolognese

180 B
Swedish Meatballs
In a creamy gravy, mashed potatoes and lingonberries
200 B
Served whith vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
180 B
Hot Dogs with French Fries 190 B